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  • Valentinsangebot: 14% Rabatt bis zum 14. Februar bei den Paketen

Bárbara Ferreyra:

Teacher and Professional Tango Dancer of and Argentine Folk Dance. She is Argentine, lives in Buenos Aires for 11 years. She dances Tango for 20 years.

Barbara made countless Exhibitions in Renowned Milongas, Festivals and Prestigious Houses's Tango in Buenos Aires and throughout Argentina.

She has been doing national and international tours of Europe, Asia and South America since 2011.

She was a 10-time Finalist in the Tango World Cup.

Champion in the 1st Tango Reality Show "TangoChamps" and is the World Tango Pista Champion together with her actually partner Agustín Agnez.

Agustin Agnez:

He's Argentinian. He is Teacher and Argentine Professional Tango Dancer.

He began his training 28 years ago in Tango, Argentine Folk Dance, Jazz dance, Contemporary dance and Ballet.

He has worked in the most important shows and Houses's Tango in Buenos Aires.

His international dance career began in the Tango Musical "Tanguera" where he worked for 10 years in the most emblematic Theaters of Europe, Asia and America.

He has been a jury for the sub-venues of the Tango World Cup and Metropolitan Championship of Buenos Aires City.

He is the creator of the Company "La Clandestina Tango Danza".

He is the World Tango Pista Champion 2021 with his actually partner Barbara Ferreyra.

Barbara and Agustin:

They have been dancing together for 2 years, they are the World Tango Pista Champions 2021. They have performed in countless emblematic Milongas in Buenos Aires, they have toured Argentina Performing Shows and Workshops.

Soon They will do a new World Tour 2022 through Europe and Asia from February to July.